Friday Feasting

Picture courtesy of Hardcore Prawn News for those of you who work too far away from the weekday fun: street food is claiming Friday nights. Last Friday evening, I left the office and spent a happy few hours meeting sellers, eating their wares and comparing notes with friends at The StockMKT, Bermondsey Square. This Friday will be the first of Brick Lane’s Street Feast nights in East London (see image above) where, for 12 weeks from 4th May –... Read More

The Ribman: ribs ribs ribs ribs

It’s like a bun stuffed with slow cooked baby back rib meat. Only better.- And you can get it on Brick Lane or Kings Boulevard (Kings Cross) For weeks and weeks now, I have been waiting for a free Sunday to go and visit this stall on Brick Lane. For some inexplicable reason, not even the mention of “hot delicious London street food NOW” managed to lure my usual brunch crowd out of bed on this particular morning. So instead... Read More

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