11 February: Off-the-street food

Pic courtesy of cornflowerkitchen.blogspot.com/ A few street foodies (including British Street Food Awards founder Richard Johnson and eat.st’s Petra Barran) have said that due to the various rules and restrictions laid down by London councils – some are better than others, of course – we are going to have to rely on the generosity of private landowners to keep street food moving this year. So while word is spreading fast around... Read More

Hoxton Hot Dogs tonight only

First things first, thanks for all the tweets, follows, comments and kind words about Londonstreetfoodie.co.uk. It’s been a mad but exhilarating few days keeping track of it all. Anyhoo, news in this morning is from another east London street food trader, Big Apple Hot Dogs (see the seller page – no technical hitches this time!) who will be moving straight from his plot on Old Street to do a one-night-only residency in the kitchen of The White... Read More

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