Street food winners and losers

What a few days it was. If you weren’t there jostling for a space in the queue, you were probably on Twitter following all the action from somewhere else in London. Or perhaps it all passed you by. If that happened, I’ll give you a quick rundown – first of the British Street Food Awards and then of the Ribman’s hot wings contest on Wednesday. #FIFTEEN STREET I made it along to #fifteenstreet in Hackney on the sunny Saturday... Read More

London Streating: part 2 (east London street food eating)

This has accidentally become long and east London heavy because I did a big loop one weekend. Perhaps I’ll do a south London street food tour next time…and so on.. DALSTON STREET FEAST I never intended to end up eating street food on Friday night a fortnight ago but on walking straight out of Dalston Junction train station I had a flyer handed to me saying there was a new food and drink market on Fridays. Huh? This is news to me, I thought.... Read More

Pizza Pilgrims: Berwick Street Market’s much needed boost

Nduja and Portobello mushroom pizza from Pizza Pilgrims This featured in last Thursday’s London Evening Standard but for those of you who didn’t catch it, please see my review of Pizza Pilgrims on Berwick Street below. While I’m on the subject of write ups and, I want to add that this isn’t so much a street food review site as a guide for people to use in the city. There is a great deal of street food... Read More

New Seller: The Well Kneaded Wagon of Wandsworth

pic: Sophie Gore Browne The latest LSF crew member is the Well Kneaded Wagon of Wandsworth, one cream and red van which can be found trundling through three of the main markets in SW11 during the week. If pizza’s your thing, you’ll like it; if fresh veg is your thing, you’ll like it; in fact, if you just like bready-type things and loads of toppings, these girls might have a little something for you. Get down to sarf London –... Read More

27-29 April: Films + street food = yum

Picture courtesy of I haven’t been before but I’ve heard news of a certain film festival happening in April. This year the Henley International Film Festival has chosen to celebrate food in film so not only are they saying there will be “3 days of the best food cinema” but also “the best of international street food on the banks of the river Thames.” This is good news for LSF. I won’t go into... Read More

New Brixton street food market: Sundowner, 23 Dec

As a Claphamite, I’m looking forward to Brixton’s Sundowner market held in St Matthew’s Church Gardens next Friday 23rd December. It’s their first ever and they’re already billing it “London’s Best Friday Night Street Market” – but with The Long Table in Dalston doing so well it could have some serious competition next year. Still, we can look forward to some great stuff. From 5pm-10pm, new Brixton... Read More

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