New seller: Lucky Chip

Who is stuck for a Saturday lunch option? If you’re Hackney way, or even if you’re not, I suggest a trip to the Lucky Chip van at Netil Market. Incidentally I have mentioned it before because of the Jan/Feb residency at the Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green where I banged on about the Kelly LeBrock burger.. Anyway, I’m sure there are lots of sellers that I could have put up ahead of this one (the more I do this, the more I find other... Read More

Sebright Arms feat. Lucky Chip: review

Down a Bethnal Green side street inside a newly re-furbed old boozer is where Lucky Chip has chosen to be for the next two months. Having blogged about it on Friday, I went down 2 hours later to find it packed and buzzing with some great tunes being hammered out by Sebright’s DJ for the night,┬áthe guitarist from Florence and the Machine. Having been open since 6, the list of burger orders was at least 8 wide (with around 4 orders on each) around... Read More

Lucky Chip: new residency

Back in November I visited the Long Table street food market in Dalston on its opening night. The weather was cold, the crowds excited and the food exceptional. One standout stall was Lucky Chip. For about 8 desperate, hungry minutes, I watched Ben Denner pack beef patties together, lay on some cheese and press it all onto a hot plate sizzling with rapeseed oil before covering them with silver serving domes and wait for them to stick together and... Read More

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