London Streating: part 2 (east London street food eating)

This has accidentally become long and east London heavy because I did a big loop one weekend. Perhaps I’ll do a south London street food tour next time…and so on.. DALSTON STREET FEAST I never intended to end up eating street food on Friday night a fortnight ago but on walking straight out of Dalston Junction train station I had a flyer handed to me saying there was a new food and drink market on Fridays. Huh? This is news to me, I thought.... Read More

*** Market news in Walthamstow, read all about it ***

CALLING all street food traders, wannabes and chefs on the go. Stop thinking about expensive pitches and snooty councils for one moment (but not for too long – we still need to start that street food army, everyone) because I’ve found one that likes food on the street and I don’t meant the sort you have to go dump diving for… A firm of architects in Dalston, east London, has been commissioned to bring street food traders to Walthamstow... Read More

Spring street fooding

It may still be January but fresh off the plane from a short trip to Italy, with my stomach still full of pasta amatriciana and my brain hazy from the smell of some of the best olive oil I have ever tried (look up VignaMaggio if you get a chance), LSF is getting excited about the spring. Noone can give me dates for anything just yet – we’re all playing endless guessing games – but come March or April, Exciting.Street.Food.Things.Will.Start.To.Happen: We’ll... Read More

The Long Table: a street food feat

Lucky Chip burger patties on the grill For my first entry, I’d like to applaud Nuno Mendes and the Bootstrap Company for pulling off their latest project, The Long Table, a pop-up outdoor street food market in Dalston that had gigantic queues stretching onto the street from the word go. I went in the first week (tonight’s was the final one before Christmas) to share some of the best dishes with a few friends. Our favourites were Lucky Chip... Read More

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