London Street Foodie on Tour: festival street food

The team from Sea Dog food at Glastonbury Festival Glasto what Glasto? Bog off with your oh-so-uhmazing stories of getting lost in a field with glitter on your face… we’re onto other festivals now. Well. Hear me out. Anyone who reads this blog will know that I have an aversion to music festival planners who don’t seem to pay any attention to the food line-up, assuming that everyone that is there for the fun and the music is also happy to pay... Read More

Epicurean at St Katharine Docks: London street food from around the world

World Food Market at St Katharine’s Docks Now that street food is, er, trendy, and has been for a while, the volume of emails or tweets I get from people saying ‘I’ve quit my job and started a street food van – do you have any idea of where I can trade?’ has increased a lot. And, call me cynical, but with anything trendy, what you get alongside all the brilliant new trading talent is some utter crap; made by people who’ve just... Read More

London street food: book roundup

Anyone else noticed that there are a lot of street food cook books out in the shops now? Well since I have had the pleasure of leafing through lots of them, cooking from others and gawping at the luscious pictures in all of them, I thought I’d do a little roundup which I’ll add to as more come out. The first lot relates to actual street food traders, mostly in London; the second part includes cookbooks with street food-related recipes in them. I’ve... Read More

The new market

Have you been to King’s Cross lately? Seen the line of trucks that sets up every day selling food on the Boulevard? That would be, the London street food collective co-founded by a lady named Petra Barran. Well she has decided to form KERB, beginning next Thursday, which will take things to the next level. On the eve of October 4, this little hub will become the KERB market running Monday to Fridays. But why you might ask?  Barran says... Read More


I know it’s all about Follow Fridays – #ff – but being a grey sort of day (though much improved by delicious lemon drizzle cake made by a colleague) I decided there would no harm in a little Wednesday shout-out instead.  Since the new sellers on will be drip fed to you over the coming weeks and even I am beginning to get impatient, here is just a tiny taster of some personal favourites on the streets of... Read More

New seller: Santana Grill

West or north Londoners will like this: you don’t always have to go eastwards to get to the good stuff. So here’s a new one by Victoria station called Santana Grill which some of you might get a chance to visit during your lunch hour if you’re nearby. I first met Rudy on a freezing night in December at the StockMKT in Bermondsey (which I understand is returning to Bermondsey Square in April – yay) and while his service style... Read More Kings Boulevard: re-pitched

Fantastic news that the collective is homing in on Kings Boulevard again this month after a successful year popping up in places such as London Zoo. LSF hopes that founders Petra and Giles can start spreading it elsewhere in London before long… Just as before Christmas when the lunchtime street food market ran for three days per week with rotating traders, from Wed-Fri 11-13th Jan they’ve got the likes of Bhangra Burger, Luardos,... Read More

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