New seller: Banhmi11

Fish banh mi On this rainy afternoon I would like to introduce something that I reckon if you think about enough, might even warm you up. This is Banhmi11, a London street food stall run by Van and Anh who I have eaten from a few times in the last year, the first being at the (now Kerb Food) and Fifteen restaurant’s 15th birthday held near Old Street held over the summer and otherwise at Hackney’s Broadway Market. If you’re in... Read More

We can cook! Bloggers take to the kitchen…

The little vegetarian Scotch egg I made a fortnight ago I have always been surrounded by food and people who like to eat it, and much of my job – and this blog – means that I am in constant contact with it. However in spite all of that, I am a little bit terrified of cooking. I have decided that this is partly because in my experience making things for people involves rushing home from work, diving into the supermarket, chucking random... Read More

New seller: Homeslice Pizza

So good pizza is everywhere right now. There is the happy Pizza Pilgrims trio on Berwick Street Market, there is an enterprising startup in Meter Pizza restaurant in Shoreditch, there is some excellent firebread pizza (aka The Well Kneaded Wagon) and then there is… Homeslice Pizza. This week’s LSF seller is Homeslice Pizza, a trio of guys carting a portable oven around on a truck, pitching up at places like market near Kings Cross... Read More

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