Street Kitchen: The Hatch (fresh seasonal street food)

The grub: Fresh food good enough for a restaurant only served in a cardboard container. Menu changes but regulars (depending on season) include hot smoked salmon, chicken, or seared mackerel with beetroot, mustard leaves and horseradish.

The vibe: Like a well-kept secret. Silver hole-in-the-wall hatch with crates to rest food or bottoms on. Being set inside an airy warehouse, the experience can be a chilly one but overall it’s casual with quick service. You can watch the grub being cooked as you wait plus with a ping-pong table round the corner there’s always something to do if you do get caught at the back of a long line. Afterwards, you can nip into the art student-filled Doodle Bar next door for a pick-me-up cocktail.

The story: Mark Jankel (ex-First Restaurant group) and Jun Tanaka (ex-Pearl) are both trained chefs who road tested this with Street Kitchen – a similar idea but with a silver airstream van instead of a hatch. Their focus was on using the best seasonal and sustainable ingredients produced in the UK. Tanaka has said that while he doesn’t think they’re going to be a threat to Pret, “we’d like to be.” The two recently won Best Burger at the British Street Food Awards 2012.

The tab: From £5.50/box.

Get the lowdown: Open 12-2pm Mon-Fri (and Friday/Saturday Night Burger Sessions 7pm-11pm); next to the Doodle Bar, 33 Parkgate Road, Battersea, SW11 4NP. Keep up-to-date via @Streetkitchen,
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3 Responses to “Street Kitchen: The Hatch (fresh seasonal street food)”
  1. Emma says:

    Hi Could you tell me if The Hatch is still up and running please?

  2. Lester says:

    This seems like a copy of street cube in Wandsworth. They started a project selling sustainable street food 2
    Years ago. It is an awesome project, opened by Raymond Blanc.

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