Pizza Pilgrims – Neapolitan pizzas

James and Thom, co-founders of The Pizza Pilgrims

James and Thom, co-founders of The Pizza Pilgrims

Margherita pizza

Margherita pizza

The grub: Authentic Neapolitan-style pizza cooked in the back of a converted three wheeler van. The Pilgrims’ pizzas favour the traditional simple toppings found in Southern Italy. You won’t find any Hawaiian pizzas here. The epitome of fast food, the pizzas take only a minute or two to cook in the roaring gas oven. The bases are thin and come with a blistered crust, topped with an acidic tomato sauce. Cheese is used sparingly as is traditional in Naples. Toppings range from vegetarian such as elegant margheritas and fennel and oregano to more meaty creations including spicy Nduja sausage.

The vibe: The van is parked in Berwick Street Market right in the middle of Soho. The market has cult following of trendy advertising types, as well as denizen of Soho who buy their daily fresh veg. Although the market has faltered in recent years, new fresh-faced and enthusiastic traders have rejuvenated it. Pizza Pilgrims are just one of several of these and have become synonymous with high quality, fresh, affordable street food served with a smile and a bit of banter.

The story: Thom and James worked normal office jobs (advertising and TV production) before chucking it in and driving across Italy in search of culinary inspiration. They’ve been serving up their take on Neapolitan pizzas for just over a year. Although they didn’t have any catering experience, they were brought up in pubs run by their parents and so food was always going to play a part in their lives. The boys have just announced that they will be opening a restaurant on Dean Street – but the van will stay where it is.

The tab: Pizzas between £5-6.

Get the lowdown: 12-2.30pm, Tuesday-Friday, Berwick Street market (by Rupert Street), W1F; Twitter @pizzapilgrims or (and stay tuned for more details on the restaurant). MAP HERE.

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