Pitt Cue Co (pulled pork and other barbecued meat)


The deep fried mac & cheese burger with pulled pork & pickles from Pitt Cue Co

The Pitt Cue Co trailer in action under Hungerford Bridge, Southbank




The food: It’s comfort food, it’s delicious, it always feels wrong but it always tastes right. What you’ll get is slow cooked pork or beef brisket served in buns, the special deep fried macaroni ‘n’ cheese – it works, trust me – and sausages, plus coleslaw, pickles and charred sourdough bread. And don’t forget to get a Pickleback – a shot of bourbon followed swiftly by a shot of pickle.

The vibe: If the hatch is up, the team are nothing but friendly and charming. It must come from genuinely enjoying what they do and wanting to give you a good time. This trailer never moves – if it’s open, go quickly before the food sells out. If it’s not, hang around until they come back. They’ll admire your dedication.

The story: Drinks fanatic Jamie Berger (pronounced with a hard ‘g’) met chef Tom Adams and they hit it off. Jamie was inspired by his time spent in America – where he was born and where he later studied Chinese history at Harvard- and wanted to bring in some decent drinks, while Tom brought his cooking experience from time spent working at The Ledbury. Tom is currently breeding Pitt Cue pigs in Hampshire but Jamie is at the trailer or the Pitt Cue restaurant in Soho most days.

The tab: Boxes £7.50, buns £6.50

Get the lowdown: Sadly time is up for the trailer on the Southbank but keep your ear to the ground for news on where it will be next (the Soho restaurant is still open though); twitter @pittcuetrailer, pittcue.co.uk/trailer MAP

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  1. carrie says:

    Mmm, just came across this via twitter, massive fan of Pitt Cue but this mac and cheese delight was not on offer in the restaurant. High time for another trip there. Probably the best food I’ve ever eaten!

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