Churros Garcia (hot Spanish churros and chocolate)

The grub: Hot tubes of freshly made crunchy sweet dough served with a cup of hot Valor chocolate. While you might not take churros for breakfast as the Spanish do, these guys know how to pull the sweet-toothed crowds in. Not too greasy – just hot and naughty and especially when sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

The vibe: A street market stall kitted out with a battering machine and usually around 3 smiling staff in red aprons. Churros come out thick and fast into a pool of scalding hot oil before they’re lifted out with a fork and dished up with chocolate.

The story:
Originally started by her mother 40 years ago, Leslie McKie Garcia took over more recently and as well as their regular market slots, they travel around events and festivals. Runner-up at the British Street Food Awards 2011.

The tab:
£4 includes chocolate

Get the lowdown:
9am-6pm Saturdays at Portobello Market (outside The Electric cinema) OR 9am-4pm Saturdays at Broadway Market, Westgate Street OR 10am-8pm Fri/Sat/Sun at the Real Food Market, Southbank; @churrosgarcia,


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  1. Amazing churros & chocolate!! We’ve been lucky to try them and it tastes like if we were in Spain!! Highly recommend! :)

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