Big Apple Hot Dogs

The grub: Proper handmade hot dogs with the tagline “No brains, no bones, no butts.” They’re not fatty, they taste of real meat, they’re well seasoned and they come in big buns baked daily by H.W. Anderson of Hoxton. There’s the signature Big Dog (pork and steak sausage seasoned with marjoram, garlic and pepper), the Pimp Steak (garlicky beef), the Big Frank (long frankfurter with paprika and nutmeg) and the Frank Jr (you can guess). As well as a range of toppings from onions to tangy sauerkraut, there are often new dogs on the menu.

The vibe: A simple setup consisting of an aluminium cart fitted with a grill and a shelf for sauces. There’s a red umbrella over the top to keep the hot steam in and the cold out. Come rain, snow or sunshine, Abiye will be there shifting his dogs from a hot grill and chatting as he goes.

The story: Abiye Cole says this was always his back-up plan and having lived in New York for a few years and then realising he didn’t want to work for anyone else ever again, he took the plunge over here. A year or so in and his sausages are now on the menu at Russell Norman’s Mishkin’s restaurant in Covent Garden.

The tab: From £2.50 per dog

Get the low down: Often at Kerb Kings Cross, Kings Boulevard during the week. Otherwise 12-6pm Tues-Fri, 239 Old Street, EC1V 9EY; also does weekend events. To find him follow @bigapplehotdogs,


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  1. Alex Smith says:

    Good idea about hot dogs. I am try today and test very well.

  2. Cutie says:

    Acclaimed geniuses behind London’s indulgent mac ’n’ and cheese trend, Anna Mae’s Smokehouse does big pan comfort food, BBQ and the full southern spread. Find them at festivals and street food markets, or even in your own back yard.

  3. david says:

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