Baba Gupta (ex-Bhangra Burger) (spiced Indian wraps)

Bhangra Burger

The grub: Handmade Indian spiced burgers served as wraps in flatbread and covered in homemade chutneys, pickles and salads. There’s Bhangra Balti beef, Crazy Lamb Jalfrezzi [sic], Veggie Chana Masala and Mighty Masala Fish alongside pakoras, sweet onion samosas, lassis or Masala coffee on the side. Our pick: Carnivores, it’s not all about meat. The veggie option is bloody good.
The vibe: Sadly the horse lorry is no more but Alec’s orange, green and white market stall remains. Alec can only make as many patties as fit on the hot plate so get down there early.
The story: Birmgingham boy Alec Owen used to spend summers making burgers for his friends’ BBQs but after some time travelling in India post-uni, he came to London, left his job in architecture and set up BB with the aim of fusing the best of the east with the west using proper spices and locally sourced meat. His three buzzwords are Taste, Fusion and Delight.
The tab: Around £6 per burger (wrap)
Get the lowdown: Weekday markets with Kerb, Kings Boulevard; often at Real Food Market, Southbank or occasional Saturdays at Brockley Market or at Street Feast London markets; Check @bhangraburger to see where he’ll appear next.

3 Responses to “Baba Gupta (ex-Bhangra Burger) (spiced Indian wraps)”
  1. ray hopwood says:

    i am deffo going to try one when i’m next in london. they look so good

  2. Neil Conrich says:

    Quite simply, the best wrap I’ve ever had in my life. Can still taste the spicy lamb the following day. Jolly, friendly service too. Good luck to you Alec – hope you get to make a chain of fast food outlets. McBhangra anyone?

  3. Debra says:

    What nationality is Alec Owen?

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