Tripe is prepared from a stall in Florence (Pic: Sarah Hewer)

London Street Foodie on tour: tripe in Florence

The joy of street food is that it can be eaten anywhere. Trucks travel, stalls can be set up at short notice and trailers can be loaded and unloaded with relative ease – and of course streets tend to be excellent hosts. Here at LondonStreetFoodie we like to travel – that is, I have always taken […]

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Smoked salmon (hand filleted and cured by Ole Hansen) at We Feast, London Bridge

Street fooding – back with a vengeance

Street foodies, we have a problem. I am beginning to wonder whether I have been in a Pitt Cue Co coma for the last month. If I have, it would explain why there have been next to no updates on LSF recently. (It may also have something to do with the fact that the sellers […]

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Eastival – new food and music festival

News is that a new festival called Eastival comes to east London in Spring 2012. I know very little about this so between us we must find out more. Keep LSF updated as it sounds like there could be street food involved. The website is but they update from @eastival.  LSF Kings Boulevard: re-pitched

Fantastic news that the collective is homing in on Kings Boulevard again this month after a successful year popping up in places such as London Zoo. LSF hopes that founders Petra and Giles can start spreading it elsewhere in London before long… Just as before Christmas when the lunchtime street food market ran for […]

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