*NEW SERIES* London Street Food Tips in 200: Lahpet at Old Spitalfields Market

As some of you well know, this blog is a labour of love. It started out as a hobby, a simple guide to the city’s best street food stalls, markets, and trucks, and as the industry widened and writing a full guide got bigger than me, it developed into more of a journal of random street food adventures. Lots has changed in this arena since 2012 (have a read of this piece about the UK’s ‘new’ street food markets, for evidence), but there is still plenty to recommend as the older traders continue to do good things and newer bods come onto the scene.

One thing that has stayed consistent is the regularity with which I get asked for tips on where to eat London street food. This has led to my starting this new series I’m calling ‘LSF’s tips in 200 (street food tips written in no more than 200 words). I’ll aim to put out one a fortnight or every 3 weeks, and to run them on Wednesdays. If that changes, please bear with me. As always, this food – unless I’ve stated – is paid for by me.

In any case, please enjoy part 1, exploring a Burmese national dish.

Fermented tea leaf salad from Lahpet (pic: Victoria Stewart/LSF)

Fermented tea leaf salad from Lahpet (pic: Victoria Stewart/LSF)

Where is it? Lahpet (‘tea’ in Burmese), Old Spitalfields Market. Part of new lunchtime project, The Kitchens.

What drew you in? I recognised the sign, having previously tried the excellent tea leaf salad (lahpet thohk – a mix of sour leaves, chilli, sesame, garlic and tomato) in 2016.


Lahpet founders Dan Anton and Zaw Mahesh (pic: Lahpet)

Who’s behind it? Founders Dan Anton (whose parents arrived from Myanmar in the 50s) and chef Zaw Mahesh (born in central Myanmar and moved here 10 years ago). After a Maltby Street Market residency, they briefly ran a restaurant in London Fields, which re-opens soon in Shoreditch.

What else is on the menu? Signatures, including noodles, curries and soups. Ingredients are imported from Mynamar.

What does the food do to you? Replenishes, slows and uplifts. I eat too fast so was glad for the time it took to crunch through this.

Closing thoughts? Great that Nuno Mendes has put this The Kitchens project together. But I wonder if the nearby restaurants are suffering as a result? I left the market at 1.30pm when it was heaving with people, yet the more specialist restaurants surrounding it (including his) didn’t look busy at all. How to combine the two in order to benefit everyone?


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