The Frenchie at #Westival, City Pantry’s new Kensington street food festival

For a year or so my colleagues have been joking that we should take over one of the streets outside our office off High Street Kensington and run a lunch time street food market. We’d call up all the traders we loved and then, wham bam, we’d have a party (easy!) and people from all the surrounding offices would come and feed. But it never quite happened. Then a friend who works at SONY over the road said she asked the council about doing the very same thing but they’d... Read More

London Street Foodie On Tour: Berlin street food part II (smoked fish in a market hall and spätzle at a street food party)

After last week’s taster of Berlin street food, here is the second and final instalment on what we discovered on a recent weekend trip there. MARKTHALLE NEUN Imagine an undercover hanger a little like the one at Borough Market. Then take out the crowds and minus a few of the trade stands. This is Kreuzberg’s Markthalle Neun. For many years it stood empty (it was built in 1891, was blackened out during the Second World War and more recently used for discount markets).... Read More

London Street Foodie On Tour: Berlin street food part I, buns and burgers under a bridge

LONDON X BERLIN While the London street food scene seems to be happily settling into its groove, with parties springing up every weekend and more night markets than ever before, Berlin street food is even more youthful but less self conscious, a little like it is in Melbourne but with a different sort of energy. Spaces are still being negotiated and much of the city is up for grabs. It’s an exciting time. This week, here are two of the places we visited on a recent trip... Read More

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