London street food: book roundup

Anyone else noticed that there are a lot of street food cook books out in the shops now? Well since I have had the pleasure of leafing through lots of them, cooking from others and gawping at the luscious pictures in all of them, I thought I’d do a little roundup which I’ll add to as more come out.

The first lot relates to actual street food traders, mostly in London; the second part includes cookbooks with street food-related recipes in them.

I’ve also starred my favourites.



Recipe for rhubarb and custard macaroons by Ginger's Comfort Emporium

Recipe for rhubarb and custard macaroons by Ginger’s Comfort Emporium

GINGER’S COMFORT EMPORIUM Melt: Ice cream sensations to make at home (£18.99, Simon & Schuster) By Claire Kelsey

Hot street food recipe: rhubarb and custard macaroons (p150) “I spent a year obsessing over French macarons. If ever a patisserie demanded accuracy in cooking, it’s these – the delicate, crisp shell should give way to slightly chewy almond sponge, then a rich filling.”

EAT MY PIES Modern twists on classic dishes (£14,99 Accent Press Ltd) By Andy Bates

Hot street food recipe: chicken and ham hock pie (p19) “That pie won the Best Pie Award in the British Street Food Awards 2010 and it is still my favourite. The ham hock is full of flavour, and the black treacle adds a lovely rich sweetness and depth of colour to the jelly. I’ve experimented with different seasonings, but lots of pepper and thyme give the results.”


PITT CUE CO Cookbook: Barbecue Recipes and Slow Cooked Meat from the Acclaimed London Restaurant (£20, Mitchell Beazley) By Tom Adams (and others)

Hot street food recipe: pulled pig’s head crubeens (p132). “Pulled pig’s head is very similar to pulled pork, just a touch more patty, depending on how big your pig’s jowls are. The crubeen was a clear progression from the pulled pig’s head and fulfilled our nugget love. This is best served with kimchi in a bun – kimchi is a great companion to the patty smokiness of the crubeen.”

THE BOWLER The Bowler’s Meatball Cookbook (£16.99, Mitchelle Beazley) By Jez Felwick

Hot street food recipe: Sweaty Balls (p30). “Quite simply, these balls are going to make you sweat. A stalwart of the London street food scene, ‘The Rib Man,‘ aka Mark Gevaux, has been selling his barbecue baby back ribs on London’s Brick Lane and round about with huge success. I love his mind-blowing Holy Fuck Hot Sauce, which is made from a combination of Scotch bonnet and Naga Jolokia chilli peppers. Here it gives the balls a boom, with the Cheddar flavour following once the heat subsides.”


*PIZZA PILGRIMS* Recipes from the Backstreet of Italy (£20, HarperCollins) By James and Thom Elliot

Hot street food recipe: piadina, Italian flatbreads (p.122) “Basically just a wrapper for as much cheese and cured meat as you can fit into it. Between Parma and Reggio, they certainly produce a lot of both. Piadinerie (piadina kiosks) are dotted across the region with the regularity of Starbucks and at any hour of the day you will see people waiting in line for their piadina fix. They are super simple to make at home and, like most sandwiches, they are all about the filling.”


MERINGUE GIRLS Cookbook: Incredible meringues everyone can make (£15, Square Peg) By Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman

Hot street food recipe: passion fruit meringue-halves recipe. “A quick and simple but impressive summer dessert with a perfect balance of sour passion fruit and sweet meringue, and a gooey texture. Tastes like a passion-fruit meringue pie, but without the faff and fat of pastry.”

RUBY VIOLET Ice cream dreams: ice cream, sorbets, bombes, peanut brittle and more (£16.99, Hardie Grant) By Julie Fisher

Hot street food recipe: honey ice cream with honeycomb and toasted almonds

Optimized-The Little Book of Scones cover

ALL SCONE The Little Book of Scones (£9.99, Random House, available in Anthropologie shops) By Liam D’Arcy and Grace Hall

Hot street food recipe: pesto and chorizo scone. “The flavours in this  recipe really pack a punch. We have a slight obsession with chorizo for its strong smoky and moreish taste. We have to hold back from trying to put it in most recipes. When creating our savoury range this was our very first creation. We wanted a savoury scone that was miles away from your classic cheese number and got peoples’ eyebrows raising. We looked to foods that we used all of the time and that were big on flavour and we came up with this bad boy… we think this one will put savoury scones back on the map”


THE MEATWAGON The Meat Liquor chronicles: Chapter and Verse (£20, Faber & Faber) By Yianni Papoutsis, Scott Collins. Out: March 2014

SORBITIUM ICES the team is in the very early stages of talks with Greene Heaton for a book. I’ll keep you posted…


BANH MI11 The Vietnamese Market Cookbook (£20, Square Peg) by Van Tran and Anh Vu

STREET FOOD-ISH BOOKS (out already)…

MIGHTY SPICE EXPRESS COOKBOOK Fast, fresh, and full-on flavours from street food to the spectacular (£20, Watkins Publishing Ltd) By John Gregory Smith

Hot street food recipe: Vietnamese bun cha (p74). “Eating in Hanoi means street food – and it was everywhere. A few stalls had evolved into restaurants, but on the whole you eat out on the curb, crouched at tiny tables. One lunchtime, I visited a packed street stall and squeezed on to a tiny chair, literally in the road, to slurp the lunchtime soup special, bun chat. It was amazing – the wonderfully salty soup was spiked with black pepper and served with tender grilled pork.”

CEVICHE Peruvian Kitchen (£25, Weidenfelt & Nicolson) By Martin Morales

Hot street food recipe: Chapter 2 is called Street Food. Within this is a recipe for tamales de queso (p. 56-7) (cheese tamales) “The most loved street food in Peru – steamed corn dumplings that are fluffy and very moreish. You can fill them with all kinds of delicious leftovers, stews or casseroles.”

STREET FOOD REVOLUTION Inspiring new recipes and stories from the new food heroes (Kyle Cathie) By Richard Johnson

Hot street food recipe: crab cakes made by The Fish Hut (p98). “Freshly cooked and dressed crabs are widely available from about Easter onwards at Aldeburgh. Nick scoops the meat and returns the shell to the fisherman – who then use it again…”

*JERUSALEM* (£27, Ebruy Press) By Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

Hot street food recipe: Balilah (p.102) On the corner of the souk in the old city stood the very popular balilah man. He had large piles of freshly cooked chickpeas on his stall, steaming and beautifully decorated with parsley and lemon. Like a magician, he used to whip the balilah into a newspaper cone in a flash, and serve it to the eager customer. Balilah is a popular Palestinian street food consisting of fresh chickpeas seasoned with cumin and lemon juice and it makes the most gratifying snack.”


WAHACA Mexican Food at Home (£20, Hodder & Stoughton) By Thomasina Miers

Hot street food recipe: Chorizo, potato and thyme quesadillas. “Quesadillas stuffed with melted cheese and anything else you fancy, are good at any time of the day, but particularly in front of a movie or a big match. Hand some tortillas around and let everyone fill their own.”

*POLPO* A Venetian cookbook (of sorts) (£25, Bloomsbury Publishing) By Russell Norman

Hot street food recipe: mushroom piadina (p80). “Piadina is a flatbread from Romagna and is usually sold on the street from little stalls with a variety of toppings. The flatbread is cooked on a hot stone or a grill, sometimes in a pan, and folded around the topping so that the whole thing can be picked up and eaten on-the-go. The term is an affectionate derivation of the flatbread called piada of North Africa and the pide of Turkey.”

SPICE TRIP The Simple Way to make food exciting (£20, Square Peg) By Stevie Parle and Emma Grazette

Hot street food recipe: Turkish pizza (p170). “These are called Lahmahcun in Turkey and they’re one of my favourite snacks. This is a classic version, but there are loads of different ones so experiment as you like.”

*SUNSHINE ON A PLATE* Simple, vibrant cooking to warm the heart (£20, Ebury Press) By Shelina Permalloo

Hot street food recipe: Dal puri (p162) a classic Mauritian street food, it comes wrapped in paper or foil and you will spill it down your clothes.


4 Responses to “London street food: book roundup”
  1. Goose says:

    Not sure if it is street food, but I have Levi Roots cook book on loan from the library. Grill with Levi, refreshingly simple. I have tried the Festivals from the book , real good, with Peckham Jerk Marinade Mutton.
    I had the Pitt Cue book, some of it was good. Some of it was outside my reach. Also had one of the Wahaca books, pretty good, Avocado smoothie is a good way to start the day.
    The books above look cool, will seek out the Banh Mi book, We love Banh Mi 11. We had Jerusalem in the kitchen my boss is a fan, one of the events we did had quiet a few of Yottem’s dishes.
    Looking forward to Rib man and others later in the year.

  2. Mr Emmanuel says:

    WE’VE got a venue! You have got a burgeoning Food startup that you’d love to take BIGGER!
    WE are looking to partner with You to add your Drive and Determination to Deliver a Fresh, Fabulously, Funky, Food experience to as many people as possible.

    We have a newly developed/refurbished (soon to open) small hotel with a ground floor dining area and compact kitchen with amazing restaurant potential only 300 steps from the Blackpool Tower!!

    The 4b Hotel is offering to partner you to create a ‘destination’ eating experience which fits in with the ethos of our 4b’s: Beautiful, Bespoke, Bijou, Boutique!

    The4bhotel dot com would suit many street food type entrepreneurs…or any boutique accommodators. A great opportunity to start up, or expand with Minimal risk, outgoings and investment capital.

    From here the opportunity to branch out successfully, further is limitless.

    Get in touch at let’s throw some spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.!..x

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