London street food: some news bites

Mukhwas shortbread from Pistachio Rose (Acklam Road Market)

Mukhwas shortbread from Pistachio Rose (Acklam Road Market)

A few bits of street food news:


If you haven’t already downloaded Richard Johnson’s British Street App, I’d recommend you do. It’s the best around at the moment, helping you locate your nearest street food – wherever you are. Plus you can rate the food after you’ve tried it.
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I’ve just heard about a new street food agency type thing called StreetDotFood. Their idea is to help London street food traders get placed at festivals, venues and events around the city, and also to help anyone organising one of those to include street food in their line-up. They are already talking about running their own festival, but for the moment keep an eye out for them on Twitter and Facebook while the site is being sorted.


Various lovely LSF favourites have made it into the shortlist at the Young British Foodie Awards. They include – in the baking category – Alex Hoffler from The Meringue Girls and Rekha Mehr who makes Indian pastries from her baking business Pistachio Rose (see pic above). In the Honorary category, Brockley Market and the Pizza Pilgrims also feature. A special shout-out also goes to Helen Graves who has made it to the Writing category, for her wonderful blog, Food Stories, which every week teaches me something and makes me laugh. Find out more on the awards here (there is a whole street food category) – and of course we will be covering them in the Evening Standard too…


Someone said the other day that there was an east London bias on this blog. Why do I never go down to Brixton, they asked me. I have a simple answer: I have a full time job which involves writing about food and, while I do my best to get as much street food news out, it is not always possible. I have probably tried out over 100 different traders since I began writing this, and only 40-odd are profiled or written up on here. This is partly because in my view not all of them make the cut, and partly because I can’t always find a minute to put pen to paper. That said… last weekend I did make some time to try out something absolutely delicious in Brixton, and I’ll be writing it up soon.


Community Kitchen's wrap

Community Kitchen’s wrap

… on that note, street food which I have enjoyed but have not profiled on here or written up in detail include (in no particular order): falafel from The Falafel Hut, paella from Jamon Jamon, pork steamed buns from Yum Bun, gooseberry-elderflower lollies from Icy Fresh Pops, anything from Sorbitium Ices, piadina from Gastronomica, smoked salmon anything from Hansen & Lyderson, gyoza from Rainbo, the Community Kitchen (pictured above), fiodena from Gurmetti, burgers from Burger Bear Tom, buttermilk fried chicken from Spit & Roast, tacos from Breddo’s, lollies from Ice Kitchen, anything from Everybody Love Loves the Jhal Muri Express, strudel or dumplings from the Speck Mobile, brownies and flapjacks from Outsider Tart, Picco Salumi, the heartbreaker burger from Tongue ‘n Cheek, lamb burgers from The Laughing Stock (when it’s in town), and any pasta made by Pasta e Basta. And, boy, do I have more to try…


My friend Abiye Cole who runs Big Apple Hot Dogs has decided to add a halal hot dog to his menu. But he needs help naming it. Join the discussion on twitter via@bigapplehotdogs using #nameourhalaldog – the competition ends today


Finally, I have a rant simmering about festival food – but that will go out later this week so keep your eyes peeled.


3 Responses to “London street food: some news bites”
  1. Goose says:

    That looks yummy yum yum yum! I am on a shortbread trip. Watching the spice brothers on T.V. , very cool. Speaking of spice,Chef tells me pears are being poached on Thursday or Friday in the kitchen 140 of them in some amazing syrup, cant wait to try , cardamom and vanilla are involved.
    You can call me halal (from Max and Paddies Road to nowhere).
    November see’s us in London again , I am seriously looking forward to some street food.
    Another nice post and pics.

  2. Omg. I am SO happy a street food app exists. I’m yet to find any good quality street food near my current offices. Hopefully this will do the trick :)

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