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Mac and cheese from Anna Maes

Mac and cheese from Anna Maes

Word up. I have a London street food seller to tell you about. Like many of London’s street food businesses, Anna Maes was started by two ex-office workers Anna Clark and Tony Soloman who wanted less desk and suit-type stuff and more home cooking. Together they did a fair bit of travelling and later turned an idea they had into a really fun, buzzing little stall (and now a gold van) that has featured at loads of London’s markets and street food festivals.

I first heard about Anna Maes on the grapevine but it was months later – a snack break snuck in during a few days spent running a stall at the Real Food Market on the Southbank – that I tasted the food. The fact is that most of us have grown up eating macaroni cheese in various forms; I know my mother’s version made with cheddar and little specks of ham is one of the best I’ve ever tried. It reminds me of rainy days.

I am less into the idea that it should be a side dish (as you can now find at various London restaurants doing American-style food) because, in my view, mac ‘n’ cheese should be a big fat comforting dish in itself. Add a side salad if you will, but don’t try and put it on the side. It is what it is.

Luckily this is exactly what Anna and Tony think too. In this case they’ve added a few extra flavours to the menu but really they are just there on hand for when you want something filling and easy and cheering. I’ve held off running something on them because they prefer not to have a regular pitch – which makes them harder to find – but given the number of festival dates they have coming up, I thought it would be worth a shout-out.

Lots of thanks to Sonali for writing up this profile which you can find here.

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