The Rib Man: making London saucier

One of the hottest sauces in town

One of the hottest sauces in town

Let’s play a little game. But first, a few things. One, this is a mostly multiple choice kind of game so you can’t prepare for it. Two, the man in question is one of the best examples of why London street food is buzzing, not only because his ribs taste good but because he has the energy and passion to be up all hours of the night cooking them – and anyone who has ever walked up Brick Lane in the early hours of Sunday morning will know this. Three, Mark did not ask me to write anything and nor have I been plied with bottles of hot sauce to do so.

So here goes:

1. Do you live in London or have you visited recently?
A) Yes. (Please continue to question 2)
B) No. (Visit soon! And go to question 2)

2. Do you like street food?
A) Yes. (Good answer. Please continue to question 3.)
B) No. (Why are you here then? Be away with you.)

3. Have you tried (read: blown your head off whilst eating) ribs from The Rib Man yet?
A) Yes. (Please continue to question 4)
B) No. I realise I need to rectify this. (Go to Q4)

4. Have you tried The Rib Man’s original sauce, the Holy Fuck, made with scotch bonnet peppers and naga jolokia chillies?
A) Yes. This is not something you forget in a hurry. (Indeed. Go to Q5)
B) No. But it’s on my list. (Good. Go to Q5)
C) No. I’m too scared. (Get outta here, chicken.)

5. Have you heard that Mark Gevaux, The Rib Man himself, has started a Kickstarter campaign and must raise another few thousand pounds of his £10,000 total by May 24?
A) Yes and I have pledged a tenner. (Ace. Please pass Go and await your delivery)
B) Yes but I forgot about it so actually I might shell out a few quid here so that Holy Fuck can go global (read: so that Mark can convert a shipping container into a fridge and a kick-ass production unit and make more sauce)
C) No, but this sounds like a great idea. (Excellent. See option B for details)
D) No. I’ve overspent this month and hot sauce is not a priority right now – but I do love street food so don’t hate me. (Ok, fine)
E) Leave me alone and stop asking me to part with my cash. (Pff)

If you answered no to most or all of these then may the hot sauce be on you and always under your skin.

If you answered yes to most or all of these then may the sauce be with you shortly and may Mark hit his target.



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