New seller: Banhmi11

Fish banh mi

Fish banh mi

On this rainy afternoon I would like to introduce something that I reckon if you think about enough, might even warm you up. This is Banhmi11, a London street food stall run by Van and Anh who I have eaten from a few times in the last year, the first being at the (now Kerb Food) and Fifteen restaurant’s 15th birthday held near Old Street held over the summer and otherwise at Hackney’s Broadway Market. If you’re in Soho during the week you could snack on some pizza first and follow it up with one of their Vietnamese baguettes – because the Pizza Pilgrims are part of the same Tuesday-Friday brigade.

Thank you to Joanna Lloyd for writing the seller profile which is here.

Meanwhile stay tuned for a bumper street food guide – telling you where all the latest pop-ups and events are happening over the next few months. Don’t forget to sign on for email updates – you can do this using the box on the right of this blog. Also keep the comments and emails coming – I really enjoy hearing where you’ve been or what you recommend.

Back soon.


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  1. Goose says:

    We love Banhmi11, always called on when in London. Shoreditch Cafe is well worth the visit Fish and pork are so good we usually have both with a bowl of Pho and two Vietnamese coffees. I am cooking from Great Escape Far East with superb results. I messed up a dessert, Jasmine, Papaya and Honey Pannacotta with Papaya & Ginger compote. Knowing my mistakes, I used too much leaf gel, I used a wrong coconut ingredient (they were my mistakes, Gordon does not do mistakes) The next one will be amazing.
    BahnMi11 Go Visit People , your taste buds will love you forever. Nice Picture

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