Street feasting time

Already we have waltzed into the month of November, the gloves have been brought out of the cupboard and we are beginning to think about Christmas – one girl I met recently told me she had done all of her Christmas shopping…

I am not one to begin celebrating early – for me it starts on December 1 – but I do think that as the evenings become chillier and all we really want to do is huddle together and drink hot cider, it is also the time to think about feasting.

Isn’t it lucky, then, that Street Feast, the Friday night street food market that did so well over the summer has relocated and is still booming. Now set inside a massive warehouse space it has a different feel to it – and it isn’t ideally situated as you’ll have to walk a fair bit to find it – but once in you can really go to town. There is music, cocktails, vintage clothing, books and a load of traders who want to feed you until you pop. I was thinking what a great place it would be for a party, too, so if you do feel like a bit of festive celebrating, this might be a good place to begin the night.

Here is what I tried on my visit there a fortnight ago:

1) a feisty venison burger (see pic above) from the boys behind The Wild Game Co – a touch chewy this time but a great combination of rich meat, cheese and homemade mustard sauce

A delicious venison burger

2) a few bites of some of Buen Provecho‘s quesadillas: och, that melted cheese with guacamole was wonderful. Pork was best, the chicken needed to try a bit harder.

Quesadillas from Buen Provecho

3) A bite and a half of some baby meringues from The Meringue Girls who are doing wonderful things with those little sweets: I have had strawberry in the past but this time we tried coconut and vanilla flavours with cream. I wish they had provided holders so that I didn’t lose half as it fell out of my fingers, but I enjoyed a dainty mouthful of perfectly chewy, light meringue. And so many colours to choose from!

Meringue rainbow from The Meringue Girls

4) The best bowl of rice pudding I have ever had, from Sortbitium Ices. These two are known for their ice cream but they have worked out what people want on cold Friday evenings and this just did it for us! Lovely soothing creamy rice, with a dollop of hot cinnamon-spiced apple compote on top. I could eat this for breakfast. If only my phone photo did it justice…

Oh so lovely – rice pudding from Sorbitium Ices

And that is a taster of Street Feast. Go there on Friday nights from 5pm until midnight.

Address: Hackney Downs Studios, Downs Park Road, E5 8QL. For info on who is trading, visit the website.

I am heading away for a few days but on my return, I hope to have a list of all the Christmas markets for you to put in your diary PLUS some of the traders I have visited in the last few months.

Ready, steady, feast!



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