Back at Brockley Market and Mother Flipper rumours

There are lots of great markets in London to go to on a Saturday morning but yesterday I made a special effort to head over to a little one that I particularly like which is organised by a photographer called Toby Allen and held each week in Lewisham College car park.

Brockley Market celebrated its one year anniversary a fortnight ago and since I couldn’t make it to the party, I thought I’d potter gently over to see if it could sort out my hangover. Last time I visited, I made the fatal mistake of thinking I needed to taste a little of everything I hadn’t tried before and ended up feeling much worse for wear during the hour-long journey home.

This time, I did some planning. I had already tried – and loved – the buttermilk fried chicken from Spit & Roast:

Buttermilk fried chicken from Spit & Roast

on another occasion I had also tried a burger from Mother Flipper (I hear the Flipper himself is due to start a residency at the Black Heart pub in Camden at the end of October so keep your eyes on his Twitter feed for more info in coming weeks…):

Some Mother Flipper burgers sizzling away over the summer…

on a visit eight months ago I ate a Scotch egg from the Egg Boss (this is an updated pic):

Scotch eggs and chips from The Egg Boss, Sean Lawson

I had also tried some mackerel and flatbread from Mike & Ollie before. So because all of that, and because I have already booked to go and eat at one of the Mike & Ollie supperclubs in a few weeks’ time, I decided to try something new. One lady and I spent a lot of time eyeing up the smoked bacon bap from The Red Herring Smokehouse but since there was a queue, I plumped for the organic pork schnitzel from the wonderfully named Fleischmob, run by Mark Edwards.

What a choice. I sat on a bench in the sun with that smug feeling that you have when you think you’re the only one enjoying something very delicious.

Pork schnitzel from Fleischmob

Mark uses rare breed pork from The Butchery in SE1, coats it in breadcrumbs and plops it between two slices of organic light rye sourdough from The Brick House bakery in Peckham (more on the bread here). Alongside that is a small dollop of homemade plum compote and a few rocket leaves. The result is lovely yielding meat in a light crispy batter. The bread, with its thick smoky crust and soft crumb, is like a reinforced cradle, holding the whole thing together. Just at the end, as the crispy bits are falling out of your mouth onto the plate, you get the sweetness from the compote coming through. If you eat it very slowly, it is a lovely thing – and definitely something to kick a hangover.

After that I didn’t think anything else was worth adding, so I brought some supplies to take home: freshly caught tuna from Veasey & Sons fishmongers to cook for dinner, a Holy Fuck Scotch egg to eat for Sunday brunch the following day and a glorious ginger flapjack from the Cinnamon Tree Bakery (pic below).

Ginger flapjack from the Cinnamon Tree Bakery


p.s. look out for my list of autum and winter markets coming soon

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  1. Greg says:

    Hi Vic,
    Just came across your site for the first time (somehow, via Bone Daddies’ Twitter feed and its followers).
    Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your site! As a foodie who loves nothing more than finding a bit of streetfood heaven, these pages have made my day. Thanks.

    PS. Currently obsessed with the curried goat at the Rummanco stall on Piccadilly on Mondays…

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