We can cook! Bloggers take to the kitchen…

The little vegetarian Scotch egg I made a fortnight ago I have always been surrounded by food and people who like to eat it, and much of my job – and this blog – means that I am in constant contact with it. However in spite all of that, I am a little bit terrified of cooking. I have decided that this is partly because in my experience making things for people involves rushing home from work, diving into the supermarket, chucking random things in a pan or an oven and... Read More

Back at Brockley Market and Mother Flipper rumours

There are lots of great markets in London to go to on a Saturday morning but yesterday I made a special effort to head over to a little one that I particularly like which is organised by a photographer called Toby Allen and held each week in Lewisham College car park. Brockley Market celebrated its one year anniversary a fortnight ago and since I couldn’t make it to the party, I thought I’d potter gently over to see if it could sort out my hangover. Last time I visited,... Read More

How to tackle the street food queue

Kerb’s launch night party last Thursday I thought Petra Barran put on a spectacular party for the launch of her new project, Kerb last Thursday. I was expecting a bit of a meander up the boulevard (as you do) but arrived to a heaving celebration filled with the festival spirit. Music blasted out of what is normally the Spit & Roast van but was that night transformed by Justin (chicken fryer-cum-DJ) into a street food boom box. I ate a plate of Indian food from Horn... Read More

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