The new market

Have you been to King’s Cross lately? Seen the line of trucks that sets up every day selling food on the Boulevard? That would be, the London street food collective co-founded by a lady named Petra Barran.

Well she has decided to form KERB, beginning next Thursday, which will take things to the next level.

On the eve of October 4, this little hub will become the KERB market running Monday to Fridays. But why you might ask?  Barran says the idea is to have:

–          more traders

–          more food

–          new spaces for both of those things

What to expect next week:

1pm: Parade of KERB traders up King’s Boulevard

6pm-10pm: launch party with selected KERB traders doing special menus and drinks.

Who? Well there are lots of sellers from LondonStreetFoodie including the following (click on the links to get your juices flowing): Pizza Pilgrims, Luardos, Mike&Ollie, Speck Mobile, The Rib Man, Horn OK PleaseBhangra Burger. Two others, Sorbitium Ices and Yum Bun, are both excellent but have yet to be written up.

Where: West Handyside Canopy, N1C (next to Granary square) 


5 Responses to “The new market”
  1. Rachel K says:

    I for one, cannot wait!!!!

  2. Don W says:

    Coming to London from Newcastle in November, looking forward to sampling food from these vendors. I’ve read so much about them in the papers and on the web.Gonna try as many as I can! Not that I’m greedy,they just sound amazing.

  3. Goose says:

    Had a great time at street feast 8 days ago. Loved yum bun and the ice cream seller. Kim Cult was a bit of a let down. Very Easy to get to, lots of cool people and food.
    Also visited Bah Mi 11 for the first time, at Shoreditch,they were the best find ever.
    Check out Lucy Rose’s Tea and Jam if you can, very nice, like Lucy and her band.
    Kerb is Boooom!

  4. Really glad you went and liked it too. keep me updated with other ideas and places – always willing to hear of new things
    will try and check out Lucy Rose’s tea and jam…

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