The new market

Have you been to King’s Cross lately? Seen the line of trucks that sets up every day selling food on the Boulevard? That would be, the London street food collective co-founded by a lady named Petra Barran. Well she has decided to form KERB, beginning next Thursday, which will take things to the next level. On the eve of October 4, this little hub will become the KERB market running Monday to Fridays. But why you might ask?  Barran says the idea is to have: –         ... Read More

Street food winners and losers

What a few days it was. If you weren’t there jostling for a space in the queue, you were probably on Twitter following all the action from somewhere else in London. Or perhaps it all passed you by. If that happened, I’ll give you a quick rundown – first of the British Street Food Awards and then of the Ribman’s hot wings contest on Wednesday. #FIFTEEN STREET I made it along to #fifteenstreet in Hackney on the sunny Saturday afternoon – ideal streating... Read More

British Street Food Awards in London

Last night’s party ended with us getting Midnight Munchies and making cheese on toast with Eat 17’s chilli bacon jam (try it) on top, this morning began with sunlight streaming through my curtains and me eating the best sort of thing to start off a lazy Saturday: more toast and crunchy peanut butter slathered on top. But now it’s time for a different kind of edible treat: street food. It is the second day of #FifteenStreet where the British Street Food Awards... Read More

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