Street fooding – back with a vengeance

Street foodies, we have a problem. I am beginning to wonder whether I have been in a Pitt Cue Co coma for the last month. If I have, it would explain why there have been next to no updates on LSF recently. (It may also have something to do with the fact that the sellers pages have had a few technical problems so I can’t add any new names at the moment.) Anyway here I am with a few things to share…

Jerk chicken and coleslaw at the Brixton Splash

– I went to the Brixton Splash event, sat in the sun and then spent the rest of the time dancing around with my sister and wondering which jerk chicken stall to stop off at. The answer is I have no idea what its name was but it was under a bridge on Coldharbour Lane. The chicken was plump and sticky and I scooped up its juices with a sweet crumbly dumpling. I must go back in search of it…

– Shortly after their sell-out pop-up dinner at Blacks club in Soho where they laid on charred langoustine, mackerel and yoghurt panna cotta, Green Goat Food was featured on Lorraine Pascale’s BBC2 show “Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food” and LSF had the highest number of hits since launch day back in January. Lorraine spent time cooking with Jan and Claude and talked about their delicious sustainable food. These guys are something special – go and try the fresh fish if you can. They’re in Battersea and Whitecross Street markets.

Italian street food: a fresella made with fresh ingredients, Red Market

– I tried something totally new at the Red Market, Shoreditch. A fresella (made by Fresella) looks like a stale bagel or a type of bruschetta but is in fact crisp bread that must first be dipped in water to soften it and then topped with fresh ingredients. My friend Ros had hers with olives and feta cheese, while I grazed on artichokes and tomatoes. Very refreshing.

Smoked salmon (hand filleted and cured by Ole Hansen) at We Feast, London Bridge

– I ate Ole Hansen’s smoked salmon on a rye cracker at We Feast, London Bridge. That street food market fest was the best I’ve been to: well organised with high standards, lots of music and excellent food. I hope it returns. Incidentally If I lived in Stoke Newington and could afford it more often, I’d eat his salmon every day. It is exquisite. Website here.

– Somewhere along the line I did a talk with Jamie Berger from Pitt Cue Co at the new Citizen M hotel in Bermondsey. He told the audience about the Pitt Cue story while I chatted about why I thought street food was worth paying attention to. Some of the info is here.

– I went to Secret Garden Party festival and from what I can remember, that weekend featured a disappointing bacon cob, butternut squash curry from Thali Cafe and some chai in the Lizard tent

The Reuben from Monty’s Deli, Maltby street market, Bermondsey (pastrami, cheese and sauerkraut  – what a hangover hit)

– I finally made it to Maltby street market and devoured some scallops and fresh lobster from the Cornish Grill (some of the finest ever – sweet, flaky, bright white flesh) plus this fat wedge called the Reuben from Monti’s Deli. Mmm…

– Two new sellers will be on here over the weekend…


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