A little London street food van: revealed

A little while ago (too long – apologies, I have been been dancing in mud and eating bacon butties at a festival and have not had time to blog) I posted this asking people to identify the little London street food van under the blue cover.

Well after a rush of tweets, a few comments and some more conversations back and forth, I can reveal that the friendly face belongs to Paul Kalburgi and it is from this teeny London van that he sells delicious English cream teas under the name of Braithwaites, The English Cream Tea Co.

If you work in an office and there is someone there who organises afternoon snack drops or tea runs or such like, I think they need to know about this – Paul does a good trade in tea hampers for busy city workers… What happens is you think “Oo, no, couldn’t possibly, I’ve just had my lunch but, well, if you’re going…” and before you know it, you’re sloshing back hot tea in a pretty floral cup, smoothing on fresh clotted cream onto a fruit scone and dropping a dollop of strawberry jam on top. It’s hard to say no (trust me, I had a team of tough news reporters sneaking over asking if there were any left the other day…).

So here it is and well done to Sandhya of Horn Ok Please who guessed correctly. Show yourself to Paul when you next find him and he’ll hand over a scone or two.

The little London street food van is revealed to be… Braithwaites, selling English Cream Tea

Back soon…


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