Shh… secret pop-up dinner in Soho

What’s cooking? Do you want to go downstairs for dinner at Blacks? Wahey, it’s the Olympic Games. It’s a sporting frenzy. And if you’d asked me six months ago what I’d be doing on a Monday night in August, I’d probably have said writing about street food. Certainly not watching gymnastics or swimming races or beach volley ball. Or diving or hockey. But I’m glued. That said, I am also eating plenty of street food and, more importantly,... Read More

London Streating: part 2 (east London street food eating)

This has accidentally become long and east London heavy because I did a big loop one weekend. Perhaps I’ll do a south London street food tour next time…and so on.. DALSTON STREET FEAST I never intended to end up eating street food on Friday night a fortnight ago but on walking straight out of Dalston Junction train station I had a flyer handed to me saying there was a new food and drink market on Fridays. Huh? This is news to me, I thought. But it’s a damn good... Read More

A little London street food van: revealed

A little while ago (too long – apologies, I have been been dancing in mud and eating bacon butties at a festival and have not had time to blog) I posted this asking people to identify the little London street food van under the blue cover. Well after a rush of tweets, a few comments and some more conversations back and forth, I can reveal that the friendly face belongs to Paul Kalburgi and it is from this teeny London van that he sells delicious English cream teas under... Read More

A little London street food van: but who is it?

Can you guess what this is? Hello streaters, I thought I’d play a little game today. After all, eating street food – especially London street food – is a fun sort of past time. I moved house a few months ago and one morning, just as I was peddling up the road to work, I noticed a little van with a friendly face poking over of the top. We had a chat, he told me he made food and sold it from the little van wherever he felt like it (sort of) and that he was beginning... Read More

London Streating: Part 1 (that’s street food eating)

Lamb burger from The Laughing Stock I’ve done a lot of this recently – eating on the street, that is. Whether it’s because I’ve been more choosy or whether the standards are just higher, I don’t know, but there has been some very good stuff recently. Here are some of my favourites. Part 2 to follow shortly including a few east London things like Street Feast’s new home in Dalston, Hackey Homemade and Broadway Markets. The Laughing Stock Last... Read More

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