London Street Foodie On Tour: 100 things to eat before you die in San Francisco…


THERE was a moveable wood fired pizza oven constructed out of an old oil drum and made in a few hours by a nifty craftsman called Jeff and a pizza hacker also named Jeff, there was a mega mocha chocolate drink with so much cream on top you could smell it from your seat, there was an old school ice creamery Bi-Rite where you had to queue up for 25 minutes to get served (oh, the salted caramel in the teeny cups, or the balsamic strawberry or the banana split with vanilla ice cream and caramelised bananas…).

Then there was more: fresh sweet strawberry-ade pressed directly into plastic cups with ice at the San Ramon farmer’s market, artichoke charred on a barbecue by Green Lantern Catering and served with fresh aioli, and there was a spinach breakfast burrito stuffed with bacon and eggs (not convinced). 10 days ago I skipped out of work armed with a list of 7×7’s “100 things to eat in San Francisco before you die” (here) and got ready to undertake a mega mission: it was a bit like preparing for the Man v Woman v Food challenge I had to do for the Evening Standard a few weeks ago except that this was not several burgers in 10 minutes but several hundred street food traders in a few days. Yikes.

And so I found myself in San Francisco with Broadway Market’s Andy Bates of Eat My Pies and the Food Network UK. You might be surprised to know that I didn’t get round to trying ALL of their suggestions but we did find a massive street food market, a farmer’s market and a few taquerias along the way. So where was the other good stuff? What were the trends? Is it better than London? Well that would be telling… you’ll have to wait to read it in the Evening Standard at the end of the summer…


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  1. Ula says:

    I lived in SF few years ago and this list was my bible;). In few months I’ve tried over 50 foods from the list and 90% of them were absolutely delicious!

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