News and Sunday’s new seller

Moroccan lamb burger from the new Green Goat wagon

Much has happened since I last wrote. I made it to the first Friday Street Feast London event, bumped into various friends and made some new ones along the way. Over the last few weekends, I’ve been across London eating street food – if you’re just here to hear who the new seller is, zoom to the end. If you want some tips along the way, hang on in there.


At Street Feast London, meatballs from The Bowler  were a good way to kick off (tender and warming) but I particularly liked Angus Denoon Duncan’s Kolkata snacks that he made from a teeny tin can shaped cylinder called the Jhal Muri Express.

Angus Denoon Duncan's stall at Street Feast London

My friend Sophie and I shared a burger from Kimchi Cult (as usual it was tangy and quite an acquired taste but the meat was succulent) and while I found the steak skewer at Hardcore Prawn quite chewy, the prawn and chicken versions were plump and juicy. I had a taste of someone else’s plate from Wahaca (it was fine – in need of some oomph).

#blogEATblog: the result

Thank goodness Abiye from Big Apple Hot Dogs decided to put the blogger chefs out of their misery and announce the winners of this hot dog topping competition. Having been called up to judge alongside Disco Bistro chef Carl Clarke, Chris Harding and the Ribman, all 4 of us decided there was an easy winner.Will of Willyums blog came up with a toe curlingly good “everything” combination of Jack Daniels, bacon, nduja infused nacho cheese sauce, cider fried crispy Jalapenos and some of his Billy Franks magic beef jerky dust. Congratulations for packing all those flavours in – bizarrely it really worked.

Portobello escapades

Indian burrito from Chula Fused Foods

1. I took my dad to visit Chula Fused Foods on Portobello market to taste one of Vinny’s Indian burritos last Saturday. He was trying out a new stall at the Ladbroke Grove end which is miles from all the tourists. As a lot of people still don’t know what an Indian burrito is, it seems he has to work harder to get the word out. Still, if the word needs to be spread, consider this a shout out. Vinny takes flour tortillas and fills them with mustard seed rice, red kidney beans, garnish and a main filling. The methi paneer and the chicken keema were my favourites while my father adored the milder lamb with a good dollop of Vinny’s homemade medium spiced chutney. More on that in a few weeks…

Brother and sister team at Vinngoute

2. Over the way on Acklam Road is the rather wonderful Portobello Fine Foods Market (Sat/Sun) which fills me with hope as I had begun to conclude that the bigger market had started riding on past recommendations and become too much of an overpriced tourist trap. This is a reason to go, though. We wandered past a stand selling exotic meat (a few people have tried this without success so I’ll try them next time), and a coffee seller until we found Vinngoute, a stall that has been serving food inspired by the Seychelles for only the last two months. Parrot fish cakes and tuna samosas were rich and buttery and helped down with some hot sauce. It’s an inspiring, family run operation where both Kris, his sister and their mother have full time jobs during the week but join up to sell food here at weekends. I’ll be back soon.

The Green Goat (see pic at top)

My seller of the week is my favourite of all and the full page will be ready tomorrow. The Green Goat is a sustainable food truck whose food (based on one visit in Battersea a fortnight ago) is exceptional. I knew the two guys behind it at university but we haven’t really been in touch since so it was a great, great surprise to see how well they’re doing. The gurnard fish was fresh, pan fried and laid on potatoes while a Moroccan lamb burger was made using the neck of lamb (they used the same butchers as the River Cafe) and had just the right amount of spice. They’ve only been going two weeks and already they have pitches on Battersea High Street, Camden Lock and soon at Street Feast London. Stay tuned tomorrow…


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