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Char-grilled purple sprouting broccoli from Mike&Ollie pic credit:

SOMETIMES when you taste something delicious, you feel like singing about it. Well, if you’re looking at the picture above and thinking I’m about to bang on about some delicious smoking broccoli, I actually might.

My new seller for the week is Mike&Ollie, a couple of chefs from south east London who are doing wonderful things with fresh British food. Not only do they source it themselves by tramping through the greenland (or local markets) around where they live to forage for nuts, leaves and the like, but they manage to find a perfect balance of creating interesting, unfussy combinations and at the same time keeping a wonderful, fresh, wholesome flavour.

I visited Mike&Ollie a while ago but have been waiting until the right moment to write it up. I can honestly say this is one of my favourite street food sellers in London – you will undoubtedly find Mike (and possibly Ollie) at Brockley and Deptford markets and I believe they may be starting at before long, if they haven’t already.

Check ’em out here (and if you’re up early you’ll probably get to taste some of that delicious chargrilled purple sprouting broccoli, too. Then you’ll know what I’m banging on about)


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