Friday Feasting

Picture courtesy of Hardcore Prawn

News for those of you who work too far away from the weekday fun: street food is claiming Friday nights. Last Friday evening, I left the office and spent a happy few hours meeting sellers, eating their wares and comparing notes with friends at The StockMKT, Bermondsey Square. This Friday will be the first of Brick Lane’s Street Feast nights in East London (see image above) where, for 12 weeks from 4th May – 20th July, there will be street food vendors (Big Apple Hot Dogs, The Rib Man, Homeslice Pizza, Kimchi Cult, Wahaca and Hardcore Prawn – see image above), a licensed cocktail bar and live art being made. (Info: Friday 4th May, 5pm – midnight, Sclater Street Car Park, 91 Sclater Street, E1)

In any case, last week’s StockMKT was a huge improvement on December’s trial run where most people were more concerned with keeping their fingers warm than queuing up for food.  But after extensive pre-event coverage this time around, hundreds of food gannets turned up and the place became a moving throng of tweeters and eaters.

Pani puri from Horn Ok Please!

Before long, Pom Pom had sold out of its first batch of Japanese dumplings, Pizza Pilgrims had made record sales, Bhangra Burger and Big Apple Hot Dogs‘ queues stretched around the stalls, James Ramsden and Oliver Thring developed beads of sweat as the line for their Kebab Kitchen grew longer every minute (I recommend the chicken – tender and spicy), while Alex Kammerling from Kamm & Sons found himself packing up his cocktail trolley-bike early after an excellent run. Our penultimate stop was at Horn Ok Please where I tried some bhel then crunchy, punchy pani puri doused in green chutney.

And finally we came to what James from Pizza Pilgrims described to me as “utter filth”: deep fried brownies by Bea’s of Bloomsbury. If anyone has ever made their own Mars Bars toasted sandwiches or eaten a deep fried Boost bar after midnight in either Edinburgh or Glasgow, this will bring back those memories. The one we tried had a lovely fudgy, nutty texture but it was incredibly sickly and I don’t think I’ll have the guts to try one again. Sorry, Bea.

Deep Fried Brownie,

Don’t forget, the one time Red Market and the Long Table in Dalson are set to return soon, plus I’ve heard rumours of another west London food market starting up. As I keep saying, street food is sizzling in London.


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