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Piada wraps waiting to be filled...

Life on a market stall

On Saturday I spent the morning working with Gastronimica deli at Borough Market where I learned to make Italian piadinas in preparation for a stall I’ll be helping out at for the Evening Standard next weekend (World Street Food Festival, Southbank, SE1 – I’ll be there Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime)

Germana showed me how to choose ingredients that complement each other, how to fold up the wrap once you’ve stuffed it and how to grill it. Really this is an incredibly simple process but in order to get real flavour you absolutely have to use good, fresh ingredients inside. Mostly these can be made on the spot if you’ve prepared enough cold cuts and cheese to use in advance but we did make a few (see below) to cater for the swathes of people who arrive needing to be fed on the spot.

Filled piadinas at Borough Market

It was a quiet hour or so of chopping and taking notes and then some friends turned up to see if I was any good and I began to feel the pressure.. El and Jess opted for stracchino and rocket (a creamy Italian cheese), Tim tried speck and gorgonzola (quite a punchy, salty combination), my boyfriend Ben said his was delicious but said afterwards that he wished there’d been parma ham in it, while Sophie and Daisy insisted on parma ham to go in theirs (“they-a always-a want-a what ees not on the menu, the people”, Germana told me.)

We’re adapting the menu a little for this weekend but overall I was pleased and I just hope I don’t balls it up in two days’ time…

Seller of the Week: Arancini Brothers

Risotto balls from Arancini Brothers

Meanwhile I have been thinking about another Italian food: the arancino. Living in Verona and travelling around Sicily in 2006, I learnt to love this. Again it’s a simple thing but god they can be bad if they’re made in a rush. I think the Arancini Bros have got it bang on with their Anglicised version made with cheddar cheese. So I say head on over to guzzle some up.

The Arancini Brothers seller page is e here and a map of where to find them.


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