The Ribman: ribs ribs ribs ribs

It’s like a bun stuffed with slow cooked baby back rib meat. Only better.- And you can get it on Brick Lane or Kings Boulevard (Kings Cross)

For weeks and weeks now, I have been waiting for a free Sunday to go and visit this stall on Brick Lane. For some inexplicable reason, not even the mention of “hot delicious London street food NOW” managed to lure my usual brunch crowd out of bed on this particular morning. So instead I took to Twitter, came across a friend called Pooch who makes excellent food programmes and probably cooks more than she talks, and who was just as up for a weekend ribfest as I was.

The far end of Brick Lane has always been busy around lunchtime on Sundays. People are there to eat at the street market and the Upmarket in the Old Truman Brewery or simply to wander – to take a Passeggiata, as the Italians would say. But in recent months, swarms of hungry Sunday lunchers have begun to make beeline for one place only.

You know when you’ve found it: there is music, there is a queue and there is a blacked out bad-ass BBQ set up with a queue streaming out from one side. In the midst of it all is Mark Gevaux – The Ribman – who has been up for most of the night slow cooking his Norfolk-sourced pork until it’s absolutely perfect.

I urge you try it. I won’t say any more. But this is where to find it.


One Response to “The Ribman: ribs ribs ribs ribs”
  1. Joanne says:

    Hi. Love the sound of them ribs!
    Coming to London end of Oct. Can I catch em in Brick lane then?

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