New Seller: The Well Kneaded Wagon of Wandsworth

pic: Sophie Gore Browne

The latest LSF crew member is the Well Kneaded Wagon of Wandsworth, one cream and red van which can be found trundling through three of the main markets in SW11 during the week.

If pizza’s your thing, you’ll like it; if fresh veg is your thing, you’ll like it; in fact, if you just like bready-type things and loads of toppings, these girls might have a little something for you.

Get down to sarf London – it’s just a hop and a skip over Battersea Bridge – and try some of these. There’s no excuse – it’s down there every day except Monday and Sunday when they have days off, and some Wednesdays when it’s up north for Kings Boulevard.

I shall now hand you over to the Well Kneaded Wagon of Wandsworth.


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