New seller: Fresh Falafel in Fulham

I came across this next seller cycling down the North End Road one sunny evening after work. A red beacon among racks of rickety market stalls, Fresh Falafel was stuck between a lamp post and a discount corner shop which sells stacks of plastic laundry baskets. Hungry, tired and in no mood to negotiate a pile of washing (however cheap the baskets were) I took the falafel option and launched on this stall to stock up on energy.

A cheerful, smiling man named Ali was behind the aluminium counter that day, but I was soon joined by a lady from Egypt who said she paid Fresh Falafel a visit whenever she was in the area. Together they explained how falafel should be made and why this was the best in London.

I’ve tried lots of good ones in this city (mainly sitting on the doorstep of King of Falafel in Camden after hours) but this did really the trick.

They are there most days so if you’ve got a spare five minutes – or you want a place for cheap laundry baskets and the possibility of being diverted by some falafel and a smile – this is your stop.


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