Street food vans: London Evening Standard

Hello everyone. If you got to p37 of today’s Evening Standard newspaper, please ignore this as you’ll have seen my piece in the London Life section on ten of the best of London’s street food vans. Here is a taster if not. … It started out as a practice run — a few people dishing up great cheap food from vans at a festival or two. But when the occasional punter then became a queue, and later a heaving, hungry crowd, bookings tripled and what was once... Read More

The Ribman: ribs ribs ribs ribs

It’s like a bun stuffed with slow cooked baby back rib meat. Only better.- And you can get it on Brick Lane or Kings Boulevard (Kings Cross) For weeks and weeks now, I have been waiting for a free Sunday to go and visit this stall on Brick Lane. For some inexplicable reason, not even the mention of “hot delicious London street food NOW” managed to lure my usual brunch crowd out of bed on this particular morning. So instead I took to Twitter, came across... Read More

New seller: Fresh Falafel in Fulham

I came across this next seller cycling down the North End Road one sunny evening after work. A red beacon among racks of rickety market stalls, Fresh Falafel was stuck between a lamp post and a discount corner shop which sells stacks of plastic laundry baskets. Hungry, tired and in no mood to negotiate a pile of washing (however cheap the baskets were) I took the falafel option and launched on this stall to stock up on energy. A cheerful, smiling man named Ali was behind the... Read More

March 28-29: Lonely Planet does street food

BACKPACKERS, this one is for you. Lonely Planet is running its first street food festival in east London to tie in with the launch of its new book, The World’s Best Street Food. There will be an indoor street market at Village Underground in Shoreditch where a load of great international food traders from Ghana, Japan, Spain and India will each be cooking up dishes based on recipes from the book. I haven’t yet seen this tome but I hear the idea behind it is a look at 100 street... Read More

New Seller: The Well Kneaded Wagon of Wandsworth

pic: Sophie Gore Browne The latest LSF crew member is the Well Kneaded Wagon of Wandsworth, one cream and red van which can be found trundling through three of the main markets in SW11 during the week. If pizza’s your thing, you’ll like it; if fresh veg is your thing, you’ll like it; in fact, if you just like bready-type things and loads of toppings, these girls might have a little something for you. Get down to sarf London – it’s just a hop and a... Read More

*** Market news in Walthamstow, read all about it ***

CALLING all street food traders, wannabes and chefs on the go. Stop thinking about expensive pitches and snooty councils for one moment (but not for too long – we still need to start that street food army, everyone) because I’ve found one that likes food on the street and I don’t meant the sort you have to go dump diving for… A firm of architects in Dalston, east London, has been commissioned to bring street food traders to Walthamstow street market, something... Read More

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