Venn Street Market: Sundays in April

Will open on Sundays from April

On Sundays, I often find that if I haven’t heaved myself out of bed to run (read: slow trot) to clear my conscience after whatever happened the night before then the best thing to do is pull on something scruffy, hide under a hat and find some food.

Where I currently live but am soon to move from, we now have the lovely Battersea Food Market on the High Street (10 mins walk from Clapham Junction, runs on Saturday mornings selling some hot street food, juices, Turkish delight etc), and the Northcote Road Market which runs during the week from 10am-6pm? There is also, of course, Venn Street Market near Clapham Common which is getting more and more hot food and is also open on Saturday from 10am.

But what happens when you face an alarming weekend conundrum like having to choose between markets because they all happen on the same day? Well,  this is what.

From April, Venn Street market will be running on Sundays. Hazaah, more time to try out hog roast from Moen&Sons, mega Scotch eggs from the Egg Boss, chicken ciabattas from The Rotisserie Co or pork pies from someone I’ve forgotten the name of! Not convinced? Well for me me, the biggest tick is the fact that Arancini Brothers will be selling their exceptional Arancini rice balls there too. I’ve never had a bad one from there yet so head down now, eat away and when April comes you can go for gold and buy some on Sunday to save for the rest of the week.

Venn Street Market, SW4

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