Venn Street Market: Sundays in April

Will open on Sundays from April On Sundays, I often find that if I haven’t heaved myself out of bed to run (read: slow trot) to clear my conscience after whatever happened the night before then the best thing to do is pull on something scruffy, hide under a hat and find some food. Where I currently live but am soon to move from, we now have the lovely Battersea Food Market on the High Street (10 mins walk from Clapham Junction, runs on Saturday mornings selling some hot... Read More

New seller: Lucky Chip

Who is stuck for a Saturday lunch option? If you’re Hackney way, or even if you’re not, I suggest a trip to the Lucky Chip van at Netil Market. Incidentally I have mentioned it before because of the Jan/Feb residency at the Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green where I banged on about the Kelly LeBrock burger.. Anyway, I’m sure there are lots of sellers that I could have put up ahead of this one (the more I do this, the more I find other people making great food that... Read More

27-29 April: Films + street food = yum

Picture courtesy of I haven’t been before but I’ve heard news of a certain film festival happening in April. This year the Henley International Film Festival has chosen to celebrate food in film so not only are they saying there will be “3 days of the best food cinema” but also “the best of international street food on the banks of the river Thames.” This is good news for LSF. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail about... Read More

11 February: Off-the-street food

Pic courtesy of A few street foodies (including British Street Food Awards founder Richard Johnson and’s Petra Barran) have said that due to the various rules and restrictions laid down by London councils – some are better than others, of course – we are going to have to rely on the generosity of private landowners to keep street food moving this year. So while word is spreading fast around town and existing markets are... Read More

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