I know it’s all about Follow Fridays – #ff – but being a grey sort of day (though much improved by delicious lemon drizzle cake made by a colleague) I decided there would no harm in a little Wednesday shout-out instead.  Since the new sellers on LondonStreetFoodie.co.uk will be drip fed to you over the coming weeks and even I am beginning to get impatient, here is just a tiny taster of some personal favourites on the streets of London at the moment. I reckon they’re even worth a #wf.

Two quick things: 1, I know everyone likes pictures but I just don’t think I can do them justice with my miserable attempt at phone photography. 2, I am not going to tell you where they are just yet. You have their names – now go forth and seek them out.

MotherFlipperUK – Manuel, you know who you are. This guy makes candied bacon (cooked in sugar) and then slaps it on a double decker burger and by-gum you’ve got a serious piece of meat to contend with. Find him @MotherFlipperUK

HomeSlice Pizza is just damn good wood-fired pizza made from a mobile clay oven. That’s all you need to know for now. But if you want to track them down, it’s @homesliceldn

MikeandOllie – fine foraged homecooked food. At the moment it’s just Mike and his bike (Ollie returns soon, I hear) but the smoked mackerel with beetroot in flatbread is just great  @MikeandOllie

Daddy Donkey – pretty excellent burritos that are made fresh and sell out fast. Tweet them @DaddyDonkey

LSF is now off to Italy for three days in search of pumpkin tortellini and mozzarella balls.


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