New seller: Santana Grill

West or north Londoners will like this: you don’t always have to go eastwards to get to the good stuff. So here’s a new one by Victoria station called Santana Grill which some of you might get a chance to visit during your lunch hour if you’re nearby. I first met Rudy on a freezing night in December at the StockMKT in Bermondsey (which I understand is returning to Bermondsey Square in April – yay) and while his service style mightn’t have been as slick as some of the more established traders (he will insist on doing four things at once including talking, cooking, wrapping and translating for his Spanish-speaking sous chef), I could tell he had something special to offer.

He is extremely passionate about his cooking – he even claims his mission in life is to bring happiness to the “people of this beautiful land” – and he’s well worth looking up if you happen to be passing through Pimlico any time soon and fancy some proper Mexican tacos, stuffed chiles, quesadillas and, of course, burritos.


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