LSF Launch day

After months of slog, total disorganisation, a bit of planning and lots of late nights spent website coding (not by me – I’m still working on the geek thing), launches today.

So in case you weren’t around to hear me banging on about it all last year, 2012 will be the year that street food gets noticed and there is a shed load worth shouting about. Restaurants are great but sometimes you just want to forget formality or that thing of having to get the right table at the right time and just eat really good food right where you are.

Here in London, there are carts, trucks, vans, stalls and other mad wagons dishing out amazing grub to us throughout the week. And while it’s all very well knowing they exist, it’s tricky knowing where or how to find them and whether it’s worth trekking across London with freezing fingers for.

So if you’ve got a tenner in your pocket, a pair of gloves (it can be a long wait), and a sense of adventure, this site should help you find some of the best traders in London. It’s a tiny site at the moment but I hope it will become useful as the months go on.


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