Spring street fooding

It may still be January but fresh off the plane from a short trip to Italy, with my stomach still full of pasta amatriciana and my brain hazy from the smell of some of the best olive oil I have ever tried (look up VignaMaggio if you get a chance), LSF is getting excited about the spring. Noone can give me dates for anything just yet – we’re all playing endless guessing games – but come March or April, Exciting.Street.Food.Things.Will.Start.To.Happen: We’ll... Read More


I know it’s all about Follow Fridays – #ff – but being a grey sort of day (though much improved by delicious lemon drizzle cake made by a colleague) I decided there would no harm in a little Wednesday shout-out instead.  Since the new sellers on LondonStreetFoodie.co.uk will be drip fed to you over the coming weeks and even I am beginning to get impatient, here is just a tiny taster of some personal favourites on the streets of London at the moment. I reckon... Read More

New seller: Santana Grill

West or north Londoners will like this: you don’t always have to go eastwards to get to the good stuff. So here’s a new one by Victoria station called Santana Grill which some of you might get a chance to visit during your lunch hour if you’re nearby. I first met Rudy on a freezing night in December at the StockMKT in Bermondsey (which I understand is returning to Bermondsey Square in April – yay) and while his service style mightn’t have been as... Read More

Hoxton Hot Dogs tonight only

First things first, thanks for all the tweets, follows, comments and kind words about Londonstreetfoodie.co.uk. It’s been a mad but exhilarating few days keeping track of it all. Anyhoo, news in this morning is from another east London street food trader, Big Apple Hot Dogs (see the seller page – no technical hitches this time!) who will be moving straight from his plot on Old Street to do a one-night-only residency in the kitchen of The White Horse pub on Hoxton Street (153... Read More

LSF Launch day

After months of slog, total disorganisation, a bit of planning and lots of late nights spent website coding (not by me – I’m still working on the geek thing), LondonStreetFoodie.co.uk launches today. So in case you weren’t around to hear me banging on about it all last year, 2012 will be the year that street food gets noticed and there is a shed load worth shouting about. Restaurants are great but sometimes you just want to forget formality or that thing of having... Read More

Real Food Market, Southbank: Back in town

It had a little break over Christmas but the Real Food Market behind the Southbank Centre (Waterloo Station side) is back this Friday until Sunday and hopefully forever more. Sadly Petra Barran’s excellent Choc Star van will no longer be there for when we need an instant sugar fix but do go down to try stuff from the other street food sellers like the Arancini Brothers (one of my absolute favourite festival food traders for their risotto ball wraps), Jamon Jamon the paella... Read More

Sebright Arms feat. Lucky Chip: review

Down a Bethnal Green side street inside a newly re-furbed old boozer is where Lucky Chip has chosen to be for the next two months. Having blogged about it on Friday, I went down 2 hours later to find it packed and buzzing with some great tunes being hammered out by Sebright’s DJ for the night, the guitarist from Florence and the Machine. Having been open since 6, the list of burger orders was at least 8 wide (with around 4 orders on each) around 9pm if that gives you any... Read More

The return of the top trailers

Lots of exciting news today. 1. Checked in at the new Pitt Cue Co restaurant in Soho last week on one of its soft opening nights. It’s a tiny wee place with just 20 seats but there’s a bar at the top for whisky, beer, wine and, if you’re up to it, their latest version of the infamous Pickle Back and Skin shots. The pulled pork, St Louis ribs and “burnt and mash” were all scrumptious and I hear Jamie and the gang have big plans for the bun bar which... Read More

Lucky Chip: new residency

Back in November I visited the Long Table street food market in Dalston on its opening night. The weather was cold, the crowds excited and the food exceptional. One standout stall was Lucky Chip. For about 8 desperate, hungry minutes, I watched Ben Denner pack beef patties together, lay on some cheese and press it all onto a hot plate sizzling with rapeseed oil before covering them with silver serving domes and wait for them to stick together and turn into super burgers. The result... Read More

Eastival – new food and music festival

News is that a new festival called Eastival comes to east London in Spring 2012. I know very little about this so between us we must find out more. Keep LSF updated as it sounds like there could be street food involved. The website is eastival.co.uk but they update from @eastival.  LSF  Read More

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