Pitt Cue Co goes permanent

One of my favourite street food outlets from this summer was Pitt Cue Co, a silver airstream trailer based on the Southbank which was responsible for shifting some of the best pulled pork, beef brisket and BBQ ribs in London. If you got there early enough, you could get stuck into pork sitting happily on top of crunchy coleslaw, fennel-scented pickles and excellent charred sourdough bread – all packaged up in a cardboard box. Also memorable was The Pickleback, a lethal combination of one shot of bourbon, a shot of pickle brine and a bite of crackling. Ack.
Well, news is that Jamie Berger who heads it up is now setting up a permanent spot on Newburgh Street, Soho, in early January, with a plan to bring back the trailer in the summer.
If the queues in Soho are anything like they were during those steamy summer days, we’ll need to book early – or just pray they do takeaway – so start hovering outside now.
Follow their Twitter feed for updates @PittCueCo

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